battery backupBattery Back-ups

Battery back-ups are available that will keep your Dog Guard system up and running in the event of a power outage in your neighborhood. Run time is approximately 41/2 hours.


buttonbattery-150.jpgButton Batteries

Button batteries are available in 6 Volt Lithium for the Micro Receivers only.

Your Dog Guard professional dealer will set you up with the correct battery for your equipment.      





Cat & Dog Collar

Collars come in cat, xsm, sm, med, lg, xlg and are available in red, hot pink, blue, black, green or purple. They feature quick release clasps.


 chewguard1-150.jpgChew Protector

The Dog Guard chew protector is designed to safely fit around the receiver to protect it from damage by your pet. They are available for all receivers. If you have experienced damage from a dog chew, ask your Dog Guard dealer about the chew protector.

probecaps-150.jpgProbe Caps

Probe caps are rubber caps that slide over the probes and prevent the pet from receiving a stimulus. They allow for training with an audible tone. These can be used during the initial training period, allowing the pet to learn the perimeter through the tone prior to initiating the stimulus.



Probes are nickel plated brass and come in various sizes and shapes allowing the Dog Guard professional dealer to assemble the receiver with the probes best designed for your pet. This will assure that good contact is made.



remotestrips-150.jpgRemote Strips

Remote Strips are designed for those hard to contain pets. They do not increase the stimulation that the pet receives; but spreads the stimulation out to the neck and ear area of the pet.




Shunts are resistors that can be placed on the receiver posts to control the maximum level of stimulus for each of the DG receivers. Shunts enable your Dog Guard professional dealer to customize the level of stimulus that is correct for your pet.


silveroxidebattery-150.jpgSilver Oxide Batteries

Batteries are tack welded and are available in 357 Silver oxide, 386 Silver oxide.

Your Dog Guard professional dealer will set you up with the correct battery for your equipment.



surge_150.jpgSurge Protector

Protect your pet and automatically disconnect your transmitter in case of a rare catastrophic surge or direct lightning strike.