Indoor Pet Containment

indoor pet fencingDog Guard’s indoor pet containment solutions provide a wireless fence for your home, are ideal for cat and dogs of all ages and sizes and may be used to train your pets in a variety of indoor situations, such as:

  • Restricting your pets to certain rooms of your home or apartment
  • Keeping pets off of your furniture, including beds, sofas, antiques, etc.
  • Preventing your pets from getting into the trash or other areas of your home or apartment

The RT-2 Room Transmitter features a 10 foot cord and radiates a 360° signal up to 8 feet from the transmitter, creating an wireless fence you can use anywhere in your home. This makes it easy to re-locate the transmitter (and wireless fence!) so you can use it to train your pets on which rooms and other areas of the house you want them to either avoid or to be confined to. As they learn the desired behavior for one part of your home, simply move the transmitter to the next training area!

Like our popular T4 Outdoor Transmitter, the RT-2 Room Transmitter features dual zones and multiple signal strengths. Whether your pet tries to leave a room you want to contain them in, enter a room you want to keep them out of, or approach a piece of furniture you want to keep them off of, they will first be warned using an audible tone or your choice of one of the 32 levels of stimulation that you can program for level one stimulation. If they continue moving in the direction you DO NOT want them to move in, they will receive a second, stronger correction stimulus.

As with ALL of our products, our professionally trained installers and pet behavior specialists work with you and your pets to train them to avoid approaching the first zone and the warning stimulus associated with it.